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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 6, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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elections, and sit down key surrogates from both campaigns and the senator kelly ayotte and martin o'mally. and that's going to do it for me and stay with us. >> a fox news alert. we're exactly a month away. >> kelly: can you believe that? >> from the day. i can, but here is comes the day that all voters go to the polls and decide the next president of the united states. hi, everybody, great to have you here, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: it's good to have you here, i'm kelly wright and the countdown is on. the race between president obama and governor mitt romney increasingly tightening this weekend. and since wednesday night's big debate as the latest jobs report. and just this morning, governor romney already getting in some more prep time for next week's debate. and before hitting the campaign trail, in the key battle ground state of florida.
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and senator-- the national correspondent john roberts joins us live now from the city apopka. and the governor is scheduled to attend a rally. tell us about it. >> we've got a little bit after florida thunderstorm popped up and expected to be gone by the time the governor hits the stage here, and travelling on the i-4 corridor where elections are won and lost in florida and even up, rasmussen has romney up by a couple of points and trying to keep the momentum going from the great debate performance and trying to show voters he's not the scary guy that the obama campaign makes him out to be. and stopping by in a cuban restaurant and shaking hands with the folks and getting takeout and at the a campaign event in st. petersburg looking back on the president's debate performance which many saw as a flop. >> and did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either.
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i kept looking for a specific plan as to what he was going to do to create jobs and i heard more of the same, stimulus, hiring more government workers and raising taxes and those things don't create jobs, they cost jobs. >> meantime on the campaign trail in ohio, president obama had the fire that was absent in the debate and saying that mitt romney was not telling the truth at the debate and trying to wiggle out of his opposition. >> and day two-- well, maybe it was extreme makeover. debate edition. but no matter what he sees, my opponent, he's a big believer in the economics. >> and president obama in his campaign hits big news saying the month of september they raised 181 million dollars.
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the romney campaign countering a few minutes ago in less than 48 hours after that debate performance, they raised 12 million dollars. and this could be a fight right to the finish, kelly, no question about that. >> john, i think you're right about that, but one thing is clear, mitt romney is certainly energized by wednesday night's debate. would you say? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. the real key though and the challenge for governor romney, kelly sto keep that momentum up. he's got to do the campaign appearances and the obama campaign is going to be hitting with negatives and it's a week from tuesday until they meet face-to-face again on the debate stage and the president reenergized on the campaign trail. >> kelly: we'll be watching, john roberts reporting, sir. >> jamie: great to see you, john, as well. with election day just around the corner, what does each candidate need to do in the final month ahead? angela mcglowan is it a fox news political analyst and
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dow, a former advisor to president clinton. doug, you first. what changed after the debate for the democrats. >> what changed the inhe have tiblty of president obama and showing the polls and reuters and rasmussen showing a close race or even a slight romney advantage, as in the rasmussen poll, but bottom line, president obama has got to get back to his core message of fiscal discipline and social compassion. and the governor romney is is an out of the mainstream extremist, he didn't deliver that on tuesday and he lost as a result. >> jamie: angela, what's the road map for republicans over the next 30 days. >> status quo. mitt romney, no question, that debate was a game changer, but jamie, a debate doesn't win an election, it sets the tone. he has to keep performing, keep talking about what he
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will do to create a better america and are you better off than you were four years ago. and we have all of these poll numbers dealing with swing states, but the polls that count, would you go to the poll and vote and i believe that people are going to vote their wallets, not going to vote their conscience, not their culture, are you better off and do you have a job. >> jamie: given the economy is such a key issue, doug, i want to look forward to the first vice-presidential debate. without a doubt, paul ryan is a numbers guy and democrats have not even gotten a budget passed. not to mention the fact that vice-president biden is seen as making gaffe after gaffe when it comes to whether or not the last four years have been crushing for the middle class, he's had to backtrack on a couple of statements, i can't go through them all we don't have time. >> we don't have time right now. >> jamie: but what about that vice-presidential debate and what kind of difference it can make to people's thoughts about their pocket books? >> the real question that the democrats will press and certainly joe biden will press is does paul ryan and his plan
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for the budget represent the romney plan? we don't know. is it turning medicare into a voucher system? medicaid into a block grant? >> why does it matter, doug, as long as it makes sense? >> i'm sorry? >> why would it matter if it's also governor romney's specific plan and-- >> because that would suggest a radical realtering of our social agenda, jamie, if that happened i think it would present americans with a stark choice, one that they didn't get on tuesday night. >> jamie: are you concerned about joe biden being on that podium, doug? >> if i was less than an honest man, i'd say no, but i am. of course i'm concerned. >> jamie: what do you think, angela, the best advice is then for the vice-president as he stands there and also, what would you tell paul ryan? >> well, joe bide is a great speaker when he sticks to the teleprompter and the point. i don't want paul ryan to underestimate joe biden. and ryan has to not sound like
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a policy wonk. and he broke down the issues in laymen's terms that people can understand. ryan at least he passed a budget and you and i both know that washington d.c. is not democrat and republican, it's people working together and harry reid hasn't passed one. socce so, i think with the debate, that paul ryan is more prepared than the administration. >> jamie: doug, what impact does the jobs report of the last week. i've heard it interpreted 42 different ways, for democrats, how can they use it and what do they need to overcome in the latest numbers? >> at the very least, jamie, the jobs report says that the argument that mitt romney was making about the economy and president obama has to be at least some point attenuated, meaning that bottom line, with unemployment going below 8% for the first time since the start of the administration in '09, the obama administration can make the case that some of
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their policies have produced some results. given the debate results on tuesday night, this is a potential life saver, if not a game changer for president obama. >> jamie: i suppose it has to continue and. >> yeah. >> jamie: let me ask you, angela, what's the important number, that it's below 8 or that 23 million people are out of work? >> exactly. 23 million people are still out of work, and you have 47 million people still on food stamps, so, i think the beltway and journalists care about the numbers, but if you don't have a job, if you can't pay your bills and gas prices are still high like they are here in california that's what you're going going to vote on and the obama administration failed. >> jamie: doug and angela, have a great saturday and always good to talk to you. we're just five days away from the first and only debate between the vice-presidential candidates and interesting debate between joe biden and paul ryan will cover both foreign and domestic policy on
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thursday, october 11th and we will have live coverage and analysis beginning at 8:55 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. . >> new details revealed in the death of u.s. border patrol agent nicholas ivie, fbi officials now saying friendly fire was likely to blame near the arizona-mexico border. investigators say they're still looking into the case for definitive answers, meanwhile, homeland security secretary janet napolitano making a trip to nicholas' homes and expressing condolences and joining her on the trip. the border patrol commander says that nicholas ivie died a true hero. >> investigators have made progress into the investigation, into agent ivy's death and are looking into the possibility that it was a tragic accident. the result of friendly fire. i explained to agent ivie's family that if the
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investigation ultimately reaches that conclusion, it changes none of the facts, that agent ivie gave the ultimate sacrifice and died serving his country. that he died in the line of duty, and will be honored as such for his final act of service. >> certainly, he will be missed. ivie died after he and two other agents responded to an alarm triggered by a sensor aimed at detecting smugglers, another agent was wounded and the third was uninjured. a fox news alert on the war on terror, two men extradited britain pleading not guilty to terrorism charges in this country. the appear peering in federal court in connecticut and arriving in the u.s. this morning after years of fighting extradition. three others scheduled to be arraigned today in new york city, including abu al-masri.
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and 9/11 con spirist moussaoui. >> weighing in on the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya, the u.s. is investigating a potential new lead in the case. and in as new questions arise whether the obama administration could have done more to protect the four americans who were murdered in the terrorist attack. our peter doocy is standing by live now in washington with more details on this development. peter? >> reporter: and kelly, secretary of defense, leon panetta says he doesn't know if the two tunisian men are actually tied to al-qaeda, but he does know that the u.s. is not going to stop until they hold whoever murdered those americans in benghazi is held responsible for their terrible crimes. >> we are following up on what i see the arrest that has been
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made. we're doing everything possible to make sure we go after those involved in the attack in libya. as the president has said. our goal is t that we bring those involved to justice. >> reporter: five days after those four americans were murdered in that deadly raid on our consulate. u.s. ambassador susan write says it might have been a spontaneous attack and it might not have been terrorism and at the time she says she relied squarely on the intelligence community provided to her and she says the intelligence community's best ajestment as of the date of her television appearances, that's not good enough for senators who say in a letter of their own, either the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. and ambassador rice claims the administration launched a
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comprehensive effort to determine what happened in benghazi, but the administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks, allowing evidence and sensitive information to be compromised and destroyed and yesterday we got our hands on a request sent to the state department before the attack on 9/11 by the team in benghazi, the secure people wanted a d.c.-3 aircraft and a white house said no and a spokesman said nobody has argued to this point that a plane would have made a difference in saving the lives of the four americans who ended up being killed. kelly. >> kelly: peter doocy reporting from washington. thank you, peter. governor romney is calling president obama's response to the deadly attack in libya a quote tragic failure, days before he's scheduled to deliver a big foreign policy speech of his own next week. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton endorsed romney and joins me with what kind of message governor romney needs to send in the
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speech on monday. . >> new reaction to the deadly attacks on n.a.t.o. troops by afghan soldiers, inside jobs, we've had too many in recent months and they're known as green on blue attacks, and fox news military analyst embedded with the special operation forces in afghanistan. colonel north outside of kabul. colonel? >> jamie, there are remarkably young americans on the ground confronting green on blue attacks and following the story since we've been back in country and been with special u.s. operators and here is just some of what we're seeing and hearing here in afghanistan. >> today we traveled to a remote outpost where three marines were killed in a green on blue attack and asked the special opes leader the effects of the incident. >> in the aftermath of some of
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these events have any come to you and said we're sorry about what happened? >> yes, sir, i mean, we've become like one of the village, one of the the populous and our loss is kind of their loss and they just as much as we did. we fight side by side, you know, i've picked these guys when they're down and we kind of pick them up when they're down. this little town in the district in hellman province, one of bloodiest places on the planet. today protected by afghan local police and afghan special forces and a handful of marine special operators. and these special operate ejamie are out there, outnumbered in some cases by a significant margin. as you noted we're standing on a street where murder happened without any armor, and without any guns and most importantly, for every american that's injured out here or killed, the ratio he is 5-1 for
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afghans of the victims of these green on blue and actually green on green attacks. >> jamie: colonel, thank you so much. >> and the unemployment rate seeing its lowest drop in three years, coming up, is this really a sign of a recovery? or are there other factors at play? >> plus, he died protecting our freedom, now, see how the u.s. navy is choosing to remember, one of our fallen heroes.
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this means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all -- life.
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>> and for u.s.s. murphy, battlesh battleship-- >> honoring an american hero, the united nations navy commissioning a ship. the u.s.s. michael murphy, he died fighting the war on
10:21 am
terror. anna kooiman is here. >> and the commissioning the u.s.s. michael murphy, the destroyer that you see behind me is named after a 29-year-old american hero michael murphy the first american awarded the medal of honor, long island naviy seal michael murphy died in a fire fight on the deadliest day of navy warfare since world war ii. and michael bloomberg, charled schumer, peter king charles dignataries, michael murphy's mother maureen says she's honor to be the ship's sponsor, and the sailors will be like hers, serving with honor and dignity.
10:22 am
>> and a big drop-out rate, you don't know my mike, he never quits, he'll make whatever he sets out to do. for some reason in school he always rose to the top. i'm proud of him. >> reporter: and so is america. on june 28th, 2005, murphy was leading a four man team tracking down a key taliban leader after being shot in the back, he lefted protected a position to get the signal to radio for backup and murphy and two other seals were killed along with 16 rescuers, including seals in night hawks when they were shot down. >> and really someone the same age as all the sailors on board this ship. one of our peers, someone that grew up just like you and me and understanding the sacrifice that he made, that's something that inspires all of us to make the ship the best we can. >> and the u.s.s. michael murphy will be headed to hawaii and home port will be
10:23 am
in pearl harbor. >> kelly: what a touching and lasting tribute to michael murphy and the service he gave to this country. anna kooiman, thank you. >> reporter: absolutely. >> jamie: a political battle going on over 500 billion dollars in what turns out to be mandatory cuts to the u.s. military. why the timing of tens of thousands of potential layoffs is now putting pressure on the white house to act. we're live in washington with that coming up. >> kelly: and a little more for you, a meningitis scare out there that outbreak spreading to seven states now, as the number of people continues to grow. how worried should we be about this one? our doctor is here with the answer. >> and get a hold of the patients and we need to, you know, find these patients and get them assessed and see if they're having symptoms. and get them treated if they come up positive. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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>> and welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour and time now for the the torch the news. can you believe it, jame which, exactly one week away from election day and president obama taking time off the campaign trail this weekend and governor romney is scheduled to speak at a campaign rally in the battle ground of florida tonight. >> jamie: a passenger full of tourists overturns on a new jersey exit ramp over turns. >> kelly: and syrian mortar shell landed near a turkish villa and turkey has been firing into syria since another mortar shell killed five turkish civilians on wednesday. >> jamie: a political battle underway over the layoff notices for a mandatory defense cut and that will take effect unless congress can agree on a budget.
10:29 am
the obama administration trying to delay the pink slips from ever being sent out. mike emanuel as those from washington. >> reporter: that's a lot. and many are hoping that president and congress will work out a deal to avoid the cuts which secretary panetta said would be devastating, but a law called the warren act says if you expect to have that, he's going to be straight with the employees and says the uncertainty is rough. >> it's the sequestration, what shall we tell our people? it's akin to being in a car and you find you're playing chicken and you've got your company in there and they're saying to you, if we go over the cliff, we'll help you out. provided you don't tell the folks that are in the car with us. >> and what he means is that the obama administration is telling contractors they don't need to send out notices
10:30 am
before today and if they get sued for not doing so, they'll pick up the tab. contractors say they'll hold off telling workers, but two key republican senators, lindsey graham and john mccain sent a letter to contractors, quote, it's our fear should you rely on that guidance and fail to comply with the warren act requirement you'll be setting the company up legal repercussions and graham calls it disturbing. >> not only does it say the warren act. the precedent for the the united states, a precedent that the executive branch of government can set aside the existing statute. >> and some say it's legal and consistent with contracting laws and regulation and what they advised contractors does not create new obligations for agencies or taxpayers, jamie. >> jamie: mike emanuel live
10:31 am
from washington, good to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: kelly? >> governor mitt romney slamming president obama's response to the attack in libya. ahead of the foreign policy speech he will give in the the swing state in virginia on monday. the governor says the president failed to lead on the tragedy. here he is on hannity. >> i believe, obviously, what happened there was a tragic failure. there had been warnings of a possible attack. there were requests on the part of our commission there, of our diplomates there, rather, to have additional security forces there and they were turned down and following the tragedy, we saw, well, misleading information coming from the administration and in fact, the president didn't acknowledge that this was a terrorist act for what, a week or two? this was a terrorist attack, lives were lost, this happened on 9/11, we expect candor and transparency from the president, from the administration, and we didn't
10:32 am
get it. >> so, what kind of message does governor romney need to get across in his speech on monday? ambassador john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he has endorsed governor romney and he's also a fox news contributor and joins us today. ambassador, good to have you and again, getting right to the point. what does governor romney put across on monday on foreign policy? >> well, i think it's an excellent opportunity for governor romney to show leadership in a critical area for somebody who wants to be president. i think he's made the point before and i hope he'll make it again, that a strong american presence nationally is critical to sustain democrat prosperity at home and to provide the security that we need for international trade and finance, to protect american interests, and if you don't have a strong america, you don't have a strong economy and the reverse is true as well. without a strong economy, it's almost impossible to have a strong american presence around the world. so, i think that the inner relationships here, which
10:33 am
president obama has never seemed to understand are one of the important points to make. >> well, here is something else to point out here, because in that interview with sean hannity, governor mitt romney also told fox news, the obama administration gave misleading information about the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans in benghazi. so, what's your assessment on the way president obama handled this terrorist attack, and what does it say about the president's foreign policy? >> well, i think it's pretty clear that as a result of what we can see from the tragedy in libya, and from the attacks on american embassies in egypt, tunisia, yemen and elsewhere, that the president's policy in the middle east and really, globally, is falling apart. it's based on a misreading of the world environment, the idea na the war on terrorism is over, that the arab spring has been a great success, that the things in libya are just fine. and i think that's one of the reasons the administration came up with the explanation
10:34 am
it did for the attack in libya. just the fact of a terrorist attack didn't fit with their world view and they had to find some way around it, in my mind, it's either been a coverup or just a complete triumph ideology over reality. >> kelly: or as some said we were caught flat-footed in terms of intelligence and what needed to be done on the ground in terms of foreign policy. now, there are constant changes throughout the world as we know, sir, on foreign policy and how that might impact our national security. so, when former governor mitt romney gives that major speech on foreign policy on monday, what will he have to do or say to show that he gets it about foreign policy and how it relates to our national security? >> well, i think there's a very strong majority of the american people who still believe that in ronald reagan's approach through peace through strength. that a strong america is what dissuaded them from attacking
10:35 am
our interest. i think that president obama has exactly the opposite point of view. he believes that american strength is provocative. he's one of those people that jean kirkpatrick called a blame america first democrat and thinks if america is more retiring from the world, seeing that the rest of the world will treat us better. i think that's totally divorced from reality. >> kelly: you know, we're talking about issues as relates to benghazi, libya, but there's also iran and syria and also the entire middle east. looking ahead, what do you anticipate from a possible romney presidency with regard to dealing with those particular situations and even israel? >> well, i think the reverse of the president's view of the world is, it's not american strength that's provocative. it's american weakness that's provocative. i think a lot of our adversaries, internationally have looked at the obama white house. they see a weak and inattentive president and that if and of itself allows them to recalibrate that perceived
10:36 am
weakness and decline and withdrawal. i think having a strong leader in the white house is being able to send a clear message that america's got to look out after its interests around the world and we're going to look out after our friends and allies like israel and that that alone will be an important change and i think that some of the things the governor said about making sure the military budget is not cut by this devastating sequestration that could take effect, providing missile defense for the american homeland, getting the american navy back to the size it should be, these and many other things will mark a clear reversal from the obama policies. >> kelly: and ambassador, real quickly before i let you go. what would happen, or at least what do you anticipate would happen should mr. obama, or president obama get reelection? how you will foreign policy change? will he have to make a change? >> i think the president himself signaled what would happen in the famous open microphone conversation with
10:37 am
the russian president and president obama said give me some space until after this pesky election and then i could be more flexible and while the subject there was missile defense, something i wouldn't be flexible on, i think it's a metaphor for the obama second term on national security more broadly and indeed, domestic policy as well. what you saw in the first four years, you're going to see doubled down in the second four years. >> ambassador john bolton. we appreciate your perspective sir on both candidates, good day to you. >> thank you. >>. >> jamie: honda is putting its old reliable, the legendary accord through a redesign, overhauling the model with upscale details and more engine options. gary gastelu takes it for a test drive in this week's car report. >> honda has been building cars in the united states for 30 years now, and to celebrate the anniversary, it's rolling
10:38 am
out a whole new version of the model that started it all, the accord. at first glance it looks like the old one. the company's top seller has been reengineered with sharper styling details and high-tech features including a lane departure warning system and unique wide angle camera on the passenger side which displays on the blind spot in the center of the dashboard. the accord is available with a choice of new engine, including a 278 horsepower v-6 and gets 34 miles per hour on the highway and a volume leading 4 sill dar rated at 180 horsepower and 36 mpg. of course if that's not good enough for you, they're offering a plug-in hybrid version and 10 to 15 miles without using any gasoline at all. plug-in cars haven't caught on in the u.s., do you think it's a game changer of some sort? >> we're testing the waters and what woo do at mhonda,
10:39 am
depending where the market goes, they will be ready with real world experience in these fields. >> the price hasn't been announced, but the rest of the accords start at $22,000 and runs up to 34 grand with navigation and the cloud connected info-tanment system. >> and a coupe with a manual transmission, my kind of family car, even if it isn't. >> jamie: gary gastelu. i would guess he would pick that one. if you want to learn more, go to fox car, kelly. >> kelly: we're breaking down the new jobs report and why the latest numbers may not point towards economic recovery after all. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪
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>> welcome back, everybody. new questions this hour about the latest jobs report. according to the labor department, 114,000 jobs were created last month. and the unemployment rate did drop to 7.8%. and it's the lowest since president obama took office back in 2009. but the question is, is it really a sign of progress or are there other factors at play. where is our economy now? david nelson is the chief strategist for bell point asset management. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm confused. what do you make of the numbers and what are the surveys that go into making the numbers? >> yeah, you're not along with that. when i was in the office and sitting there and saw the 114,000 number in line with a lot of the other data that i look at and saw the unemployment rate down 3/10 of a percent and that's huge. the largest drop since reagan, i nearly fell off the chair because i started to add
10:45 am
everything up and didn't make sense, 114,000 consistent with the adp numbers, the fact we have a struggling economy, we're barely in positive territory on gdp, a measure of the economy and to the fact na 114,000 is barely enough to even keep up with the birth rate. i started scratching my head so i understand the confusion out there. >> jamie: let me, let me take it out of economic lingo for folks, i try to make it so that everybody can participate and understand. it sounds to me like when you saying the gdp. we're not producing more. >> we're not. >> jamie: hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs are gone which is something our country was previously known for. a lot of people are on the sidelines, doing less, making less, even giving up totally. >> that's true. >> jamie: what does the number actually reflect. how did they come one that number. >> it's interesting, when you look at the process, you start to see that, you know, possibly there's a-- at a survey, that's what it
10:46 am
is, a household survey and the sample size is very low. >> jamie: they pick up the phone and call people. >> that's right. >> jamie: are you home, are you working. >> and they pick up the phone and very inaccurate and even economists on both sides of the aisle will point to the fact that they rely on the payroll numbers, that's a fairly accurate number consistent with other data that we look at. the household number is a survey and it's extremely volatile and what we may see, literally, just days before the election, you may see this completely reversed and the unemployment rate go back up. >> jamie: i recall that it takes, 200,000 new jobs a month just to maintain what we need in the country. >> that's correct. >> jamie: we haven't seen that in a very long time. it seems then, if we can't rely on the number, why is it that our country can't come up with a system then to tell us accurately, besides 23 million people unemployed plus underemployed.
10:47 am
i've heard it's as high as 11% right now if you do the math properly? >> well, the system as you point out is flawed. and we rely on a lot of inaccurate data. i have to rely on the payroll numbers, they're fairly accurate and they seem to over time match up with, in the private sector with what adp reports, automatic data processing. the household numbers, politicians will focus on that. i was scratching my head. and tell you the truth, i bet you the president was scratching his head, but i'm sure pretty happy with the number. >> jamie: if it's interpreted just on paper, probably jumping for joy just that it went down because it hasn't in so long. i guess my question for you, then, if it's a variable and we really don't know what it is, do you define this as a recovery. >> i can't define it as a recovery, we're still, you know, we're barely, we're hovering close to stall speed. and that's where we remain right now. and we're approaching the fiscal cliff and noi a lot of
10:48 am
employers including myself we're not hiring anybody until we see how the election pans out because i want clarity on taxes and what we'll do about the impending potential disaster we're going to see in january. >> jamie: not the most optimistic view, but thanks for your honesty, david, appreciate your insight. it's so important. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: serious questions asked and raised about the deadly meningitis outbreak in this country link today a story ride injection. spreading and claiming lives, coming up we'll talk about how safe is the medication you're taking.
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10:52 am
>> well, major developments concerning a deadly meningitis outbreak in the united states. the outbreak killing five people suffering from a rare form of meningitis link today a steroid injection. what's going on here and how worried should we be about the safety of certain medications. and here is the doctor, with us, with the lsu, health signs center and to shed some light on this. i understand. it's imagine care. >> right. when you see situations like this happening, what's your,
10:53 am
as an emergency physician, what's the first thing that's coming to mind about the spinal epidurals that people are receiving? >> epidurals that women get when they're pregnant, it's a totally different thing, but this is an injection into the epidural space and the problem it's a steroid which reduces inflammation and lowers your immune response in that area and evidently, these intersections, these steroids were contaminated with a common fungus caused aspegillis. >> i understand it goes into the membrane of the brain and cause the meningitis to have an outbreak there. >> right u'injected it into the epidural space, the space that circulates near the membrane of the spinal cord and the brain and you're injecting a fungus into that area with the stir rieroid and
10:54 am
reducing the chance of a response. >> and a lot of times they get the injections for back pain? >> for severe back pain that others don't use for, these steroids are used for other injection, intravenous and at this point i would not get any steroid injection until they determine the outbreak and what's involved with it. >> i was looking at the report and the people having the outbreak are basically older yet healthy individuals who may just have a back pain problem. i mean, i've seen people go to the doctor before just to get that spinal epidural in order to alleviate the pain. >> right, right. and, yeah, that's the issue. in the past anyone that had a fun gal meningitis or lung infection, most commonly we breathe it in through our lungs, anyone that had that immune compromised hiv, aids or chemotherapy with cancer.
10:55 am
and it's healthy people and because it's injected into them and you know, 23 states have been affected and the problem is the f.d.a., they have to go out and investigate and they're already stretched thin and that's why we see food contamination outbreaks and there was a problem with generic drug shortages and it's just hard to get enough inspectors. >> kelly: this is scary stuff. you're talking about, the states, virginia, maryland, tennessee, florida, north carolina, indiana, this is where we've seen some deaths and what's the treatment for this, if you do have it? >> well, if you have it, first of all, it takes about a week to four weeks before you see symptoms and it's not-- more subtle systems than bacterial meningitis and headache and signs of things you'd worry about, slurred speech, with a stroke. if you've had an injection and you know you're having the symptoms, it requires long-term anti-fungal medicine usually intravenous and sometimes for weeks, so, it's very stubborn, hard to treat
10:56 am
and serious infection. >> kelly: this is something. people are frightened by this. >> jamie: i'm frightened and that's what i wondered. how do you know if you've got a bad injection, you're saying the headache-- >> right, look for the symptoms and see how it is, and talk to your doctor and check with the f.d.a. talk with your doctor first and get lot numbers and things and at this point, i wouldn't get any injections or oral medications until they determine the extent of it. >> kelly: the doctor is with the health science center and changed jobs and they're happy to have you down there. >> jamie: she's doing a ton of stuff. nice to have all of you with us today. i'm jamie colby, keep it here on the fox news chant. >> kelly: coming up next, the journal editor ral report. have a great day everybody. >> bye-bye. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator. get happy. get geico. melons!!! oh yeah!!
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